Forrest Gump's mom said that life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you are gonna get.


Paolo Nutini -  Better Man

She makes me smile
She thinks the way I think
That girl makes me wanna be better

Took her down Bleecker Street
Saw she drank the way I drink
I kissed the sky to send her blue a letter

That girl makes me wanna be a better man
Yeah, and should she see fit
Gonna treat her like a real man can

She’s fearless, she’s free
She is a real live wire
And that girl, she’s got me feeling so much better

Oh you trade all the money in the world
Just to see this girl’s smile
All the while, she’ll make you feel so much better

Oh that girl makes me wanna be a better man
Yeah, and should she see fit,
Gonna treat her like a real man can

Ah, ah, la la la
Come on in my arms
You make me feel alright
You make me feel alright

You know I might get eager
I might lose my cool
Feel like I’m in detention in the office at the school

And you’ll either love me or you hate me
'Cause I can see you've got no time for the in-between
But the reflection in your eyes gonna look so much better

I said that girl makes me wanna be a better man
Yeah yeah yeah
And should she see fit,
Gonna treat her like a real man can
Gonna treat her like a real man can
Gonna treat her like a real man can
Gonna treat her like a real man can

Obviously, Mr. Nutini knows his way around words. Am a new fan.

Haters gonna hate.
Shun the non-believers.
Do your work, your best work, the work that matters to you. For some people, you can say, “hey, it’s not for you.” That’s okay. If you try to delight the undelightable, you’ve made yourself miserable for no reason.
It’s sort of silly to make yourself miserable, but at least you ought to reserve it for times when you have a good reason.

Seth Godin

In a year

A friend said to me earlier today,
‘Oh how time has passed. Ramadhan last year, I still have a boyfriend. Now I got none…
But thankfully I gain more best friends and I regret none.’
Last Ramadhan, my team was complete but now, we’re only half from the beginning. I faced heartbreaking farewells. Countless tears but let’s not forget the laughter and connection we made.
Some of my best friends also gone on their own journey to the faraway land, God knows I wish them the best.
Some feelings became prehistoric and another feeling grows.
I’m not the same me a year ago and hopefully it’s a good thing.
It’s amazing how things can change in a year.
Some people go, some people come, but the best ones remain.
Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa. :)

Menemukan ini setelah berkunjung ke blog ini: Paradise by Wild Nothing

Pretty hipster, I suppose. But I can’t deny, Michele William’s voice when reading the poem (or, is it?) is enchanting. Here’s an idea, Wild Nothing, what about make it in Benedict’s voice (my all time favorite voice actor)?

Everything was love.
Everything will be love.
Everything has been love.
Everything would be love.
Everything would have been love
that was it. The truth at last,

Everything would have been love…

It would have been, wouldn’t it?

But we’re just too damn proud to admit it.

Lesson from Timehop

I recently installed an app called Timehop. It’s an app that takes you to look at what’re you up to years back based on photos created on the same day but different year, as long as you permit it to access your fb/computer to search for it.
The first one framed 2 couples, my ex & I and my friend & her boyfriend (till now). I told my friends, it’s a good thing from two couples, one survived.
Based on this, my friends started to download the app.
Today my friend shared the pic that Timehop picked for her. It was a collection of photobox. There we were, another couples smiling for the camera (includes me) but both of the couples no longer together (it was for the best though). That put a smile to my face. Yes, it’s over. True, it was a major breakup with lots of tears spilled here and there but for that certain moment, we were once happy. And that what matters.
Another friend got different pic though (in our defense, it was 2009 and fb was a hit, we shared EVERYTHING!!). It was the three of us, same faces, smiling carefree to the camera. One thing that got my attention was, I wear the same shirt today and the pic was 5 years ago!
So the lesson is…. I need to update my wardrobe?
Hahaha, nope. I like this shirt and it’s still in a good condition and carries a lot of memories (it turns out)
So the conclusion is, people come and go, some relationship stay and some drift apart, but the best one lasts for a long-long time. My friends and I have been best friends for 6 years now and whether we’re in different places we still talk and always be there for each other. And I’m glad we survive this relationship. :)
On a different note? I didn’t change that much, did I? Hahaha..

Perjalanan Menuju Timur: Kenawa Island

This draft has been sitting in the box for way too long. I was too sure that I’m going to have the mood to narrate this, my once in a lifetime experience. It was a whirlwind journey that not only tiring and a little bit terrifying but also satisfying. But it turns out, my lazy ass wins this time. So, I’ll let the pictures to speak for itself. Here we go,


How could you resist to jump into this, seriously?


Laying at my back while enjoying the sun goes down, I feel at peace.


And the best part, I have them as my traveling companion. They’re the best. Of course the one that took the photo included. :)


Pardon our amateurs photography, but you have to believe me, the stars were breathtaking.


Just another day at the *uhuk* private *uhuk* island..


Mendaki gunung, lewati lembah, sungai mengalir kita bertualang! *nyanyi*


I’m at the top of the world~~ Sort of.


We found this flag lying at the ground, yeay!


Sok-sokan menatap masa depan. Hahaha..


We did it!

I always want to dive in every time I see this picture. Don’t you? Don’t youuuu???

Tulisan ini akhirnya di-publish dengan harapan bisa segera liburan lagi. Karena suatu agenda yang akan menghabiskan semua cuti gue di akhir tahun (Insyaallah), tahun ini jadi harus irit-irit make jatah cuti. But I’ll make time and excuses for short gateway. Wish me luck! :D

Yuna - Thinkin Bout You (Frank Ocean Cover)
I think she’s amazing. And I’ve been listening to her self-titled album on repeat. And this cover of Frank Ocean’s Thinkin Bout You is really fine. I love it. ♡♡♡

Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.


From the earliest days at Apple, I realized that we thrived when we created intellectual property. If people copied or stole our software, we’d be out of business. If it weren’t protected, there’d be no incentive for us to make new software or product designs. If protection of intellectual property begins to disappear, creative companies will disappear or never get started. But there’s a simpler reason: It’s wrong to steal. It hurts other people. And it hurts your character.

Steve Jobs on Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

Here’s a little excerpt For those who just lost ‘inspiration’:


When I was your age,
I’d already decided to become an artist.

I loved to paint so much.
I’d paint all day until
I fell asleep right at my easel.

And then one day,
for some reason, I just
couldn’t paint anymore.

I tried and tried,
but nothing I did seemed any good.

They were copies of paintings
I’d seen somewhere before…

and not very good copies either.

I just felt like I’d lost my ability.

That sounds like me.

It’s exactly the same,
but then I found the answer.

You see, I hadn’t
figured out what or why
I wanted to paint.

I had to discover my own style.



When you fly, you rely on what’s
inside of you, don’t you?

Uh-huh. We fly with our spirit.


Trusting your spirit!
Yes, yes! That’s exactly
what I’m talkin’ about.

That same spirit
is what makes me paint
and makes your friend bake.

But we each need to find
our own inspiration, Kiki.

Sometimes it’s not easy.


I guess I never gave much thought to why
I wanted to do this.

I got so caught up
in all the training and stuff.

Maybe I have to find my own inspiration.

But am I ever gonna find it?
And is it worth all the trouble?


Well, for example,
there were quite a few times…

when I thought of painting something
over that painting.


But it ended up being so great.


So I guess it’s worth it.


So you really think I’ll fly again?



You’ll just have to wait
for the right inspiration to come along.

See? I told you Ghibli’s movies are great! And by the way I’m enchanted by the charming little city where Kiki lived. Google checked, it was inspired by Visby and other Northern Europe cities such as Stockholm. Pretty righttt???